We are excited to be introducing a whole new layer to our life skills programme for our younger students here at the Shudokan Black Belt Academy. Not only will this add value to your child’s membership but it will give them more to strive for, and more opportunities for success. We believe that success can become a habit.

Even with the best parenting in the world sometimes it can be difficult to keep our children on the right path. In today’s society we have so many negative influences that can be quite damaging to our children’s outlook and the way they perceive the world. Some of these negative influences can have quite a powerful draw making it difficult if not impossible for our children to ignore them.

However the more we can encourage our youngsters to engage in positive activities, to contribute, and to foster within them a winning success based mindset then the better chance they have of really making something of themselves.

Our new “Way of the Warrior – Life skills” system does just that. Our young members will be encouraged to strive for new achievements. The achievements are arranged in categories and will be displayed on a board placed in the family room. This way both you and your child can keep an eye on progress. I am looking to make this a web based thing also so you can check progress from home. Each time an achievement is completed it is marked on the board. Initially this system is in trial and will only be available for juniors and cadets; our intention though is to expand its use to our Little Dragons and to develop it further for our junior leaders. Going forward we can add achievements and even categories to give your child plenty to strive for. We will be rewarding success here at the dojo and it would be great if you could monitor your child’s progress and maybe reward at home also. Please monitor your child’s progress and work with us to encourage your child to strive towards achievements. If you have any ideas or thoughts to help us develop this system we would be pleased to hear them.

Our aim is to give out young members the tools to rise above mediocrity, the vision to dream great dreams, and the courage, the determination, and the will to strive to make their dreams a reality. Together we can help your child create an amazing future.

To find out more about our Way of the Warrior Life skills programme contact us here 

Yours in Budo

Sensei Ken Robson 7th Dan

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