About us

The SHUDOKAN Black Belt Academy is an internationally recognised award winning school. We provide the very best in Aikido tuition and student service.

Aikido is an art based on the way of the Samurai. Although we no longer engage in feudal conflict, as adults nearly all of us fight a different kind of battle every single day. The consequences of losing this battle can potentially be life destroying. This is the Battle against Fear, Doubt, and Negativity. These things are around us everywhere, and constantly attack us on a conscious or subconscious level. So like the Samurai warriors of old, we too must use our Martial Art to prepare us for this modern day battle.

The aim of this school therefore, is to provide our students, adults and children alike, with the tools to live their lives in a more positive and productive way and to have a positive influence on the lives of others. To help them develop the courage to make those difficult decisions. To help them foster the drive and determination to rise above mediocrity and achieve great things.

This is the way of the SHUDOKAN.


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